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Goodbye to Hawks Road Clinic

  Say 'Goodbye' to our public buildings Enclosed into gated estates, Hawks Road Clinic at the cusp of demolition, where a developers paradise awaits. Where neighbourhood kids had their growth checks Met Nitty Nora , zapped veruccas and warts. Health staff wafted asbestos mothballs, & essence of Jeyes Fluid with old farts. Long - winded ante - natal classes with their throw-name, cushion-games; ground down the room. Praise for the wisdom of the iced - finger glove the new babes created a free contraceptive clinic boom. On the tarmac no more mammogram pantechnicon. No more recognition song for the spires of Jack - in - the - hedge. Trees gone, stump - ground, dissappeared  by attrition Blackbirds no longer crave subterfuge. I say 'Goodbye' they say 'its only 2 buses to the clinic in Surbiton'.    see also hawks-road-clinic 2021