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"Too special" Surbiton's filter beds are a "blue lung for our riverside", says Surbiton MP, Edward Davey.

Statements issued to Surrey Comet, 10 October 2012  Surbiton's MP, Edward Davey, has this week confirmed he will be opposing the proposed development of the filter beds site by the Portsmouth Road in Surbiton. He has urged local people to back the campaign being organised by the Friends of Seething Wells, a community group with alternative ideas of how this enviromentally and historically special site can be conserved.  Edward Davey successfully campaigned against the previous five planning applications to develop this site but argues he considered the case afresh given Hydro's new scheme before concluding there were no special circumstances in the proposal to warrant past planning decisions and policy on the site to be disregarded. Commenting, he said:  "Surbiton's filter beds are simply too special to sacrifice to flats, car parking, a marina and restaurant. It is a "blue lung" for our riverside, with precious birds and bats and a unique and w