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Peaceful pochard

Female pochard Filter Beds Since the site visit (11.12.13) there has been no security presence at Seething Wells. With no-one driving around the Filter Beds every half hour, the site returns to 'normal'. The lack of disturbance has led to a welcome return of the swans and ducks normally expected  during the winter. This includes 4 swan, 34 tufted duck, ten gadwall and a female pochard, as well as good numbers of coot and moorhen. This morning there were six little grebe distributed between the beds and three lapwing on the dividing wall between FB's 5 and 6. Now that the tree screen has lost its leaves the door on the north east elevation appears to be open and fresh graffiti has appeared on the blue paintwork.

Public Inquiry: Appellants Closing Statement

See the link here for the appellants closing statement:

Planning Inspector's site visit Seething Wells

Security guard on the wall between FB's Driving back to the coal wharf 11am The site visit was scheduled for 11am on a cold foggy morning. there were approximately ten attendees including three from the Friends of Seething Wells as well as the planning consultant and  landscape architect for the developers Hydro/ Cascina. At 10.55a.m the security guard drove his car down the slope and onto the platform between FB's 1 & 2. He got out of his car making sure that all the lapwings flew away. He got back in his car and returned to the coal wharf (which was our meeting point). Simon and Howard at the rear of our party Foggy wetland We walked back along the filter beds and were shown some yellow marks on the pillars along the Portsmouth Road which are supposed to depict the heights of the apartments or the tops of the photovoltaic panels. We heard the eerie call of a lapwing through the fog, which could be seen flying from the wall at FB 5. Yellow m