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Centenary Walk: Richmond Park, Kingston Hill and Wimbledon Common

Elizabeth finds Crassula    Led by members of the London Geodiversity Partnership and supported by the Friends of Richmond Park and the London Natural History Society, 35 of us celebrated one hundred years since the original GA excursion 19.5.17. We started at Gallows pond, a large landslip near Thatched Cottage House, where there are now two ponds on the springline; one was filled in due the appearance of an invasive species Crassula helmsii aka New Zealand pigmyweed. Unfortunately it appears to be back.      Government noise monitor The new masts appearing around the park are monitoring  noise and pollution from Heathrow.     Claygate beds Members of the GP demonstrated the plasticity of the  London clay,  terrace gravels, 'bunter' pebbles (transported by tributaries from the north) veined quatz, and lower greensand churt (used as a building stone near Guildford); Cynipid wasp, Neuroterus quercusbaccarumtion   Members of the LNHS demonstrated currant galls seen here

Mr Daubenton

 Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton (May 29, 1716 - December 31, 1799) was a French naturalist who gave his name to Daubenton's bat Myotis daubentoni see