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Hogsmill Sewage Clean-up

According to blogger stats, one of the most read items of 2016 to date, has been the Hogsmill Sewage Spill (8.2.16). So it follows that it will be the most written about - preferable to  answering  the many enquiries received - individually. It is a good method of retaining a chronological 'memory' as well as informing ward councillors, who are sufficiently exercised with other sewage related issues, such as the smell. Rag at the outfall Operatives from Adler and Allan The previous post, detailed the  amount of 'rag' that appears downstream of the outfall, virtually every week. But a tremendous amount of this: nappy liners, sanitary towels, condoms and wrappers, cotton wool buds and - although we are told it doesn't survive the HSW outfall - toilet paper ended up on Public Open Space (POS) during a flood 25.6.16. Outfall post clean-up So here's what happened last Thursday and Friday 30.6.16.....A professional team from  Adler and Allan of