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Draft Local Plan comments

This is work in progress and will be added to if time allows. Some of the comments require the results of FOI requests (see ). The comments do not follow the same order as the Draft Plan for this reason. Feel free to include any of the points made in your own comments see here   In todays climate it is detail that is important as we lack terminological consensus & common goals in our 21st century complexity.  Our borough starts from a very low base for access to  nature. The  Fig. below from Greenspace Information for Greater London illustrates we are on a par with Lambeth for ease of access to nature. In the introduction  it states that Kingston has 39 Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SINCs) but at  10.23 it mentions 45 SINCs so some consistency would perhaps lead to greater confidence in the soundness of the plan. I am querying the number of Nature Reserves cited as 12*, as I could not find 12 reserves listed on th