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Seething Festival and Procession, 2013

Members from the Guild of Taxonomists dressed as bats botanists and bushes. This included an annual visit from Biggles the flying willow bat. If you would like a visit to your school by Biggles please get in touch.

The gulls are back in town!

Water levels are noticeably increasing after recent rainfall. There may be some seepage apparent from the wet shadows on the dip slopes, but generally the vegetation which established last year, is now submerged. Gradually the plants will die and nutrients will affect the water quality with a knock-on effect on the species of invertebrate, which  will live within the water column. Nevertheless, food resources, drinking and bathing water and a safe night roost will all be available once the water levels rise. The main thing is that all the ducks, gulls and other water birds associated with the filter beds are returning. Nationally, black-headed gull numbers have declined substantially and they are more likely to be seen at inland places such as the Filter Beds than at the coast. This is due to habitat changes and loss of food resources. In their Environmental Statement the developers stated that the gulls and other birds noted on the site's SNCI citation (Site of Nature C