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Harp Trapping Wimbledon Park

  Photos Dr. D. Dawson.      London Bat Group was invited to take part in the National Nathusius Project in early 2016. Four 3-bank harp traps and lures were purchased in May 2016 and licences and training events were organised. Note the 'harp' strings Trapping surveys occur between May and end of October with a pause in surveys between mid-June and mid-Late July to avoid trapping heavily pregnant females or bats with suckling young. Surveys commence in late May 2016 through to early October.  Sites near water bodies are chosen as prime foraging habitat, where bats will travel to from offsite locations to spend a substantial part of the early evening. Several sites in Kingston, Richmond and Merton have been covered accruing some interesting data. Last night, five participants attended a harp trapping session at Wimbledon Park. Two traps were positioned at the lake at locations 150m apart, as part of the National Nathusius' pipistrelle project.  We caught fo