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To Save A Sacred Grove: fighting the expansion of Luton Airport, guest blogger Dr. Simon Leadbeater @OurSacredGrove

Climate change is a problem because it drives extinction. What some of us forget even acknowledging this truth, is that climate change is thereby a source of fathomless suffering.......... Sentiments in Dr. Leadbeater's planning statement to the Luton Airport Inquiry (27.9.22)  have become a universal language amongst those concerned about our land and its use. He asks the question, 'how can our woodland possibly survive in a rapidly and radically changing world'? This resonates in the night sweats regarding our own local plots, whether it be the hedgehogs on the allotment, the wax caps in the cemetery, or the bats flying along the river. His introduction and statement are reproduced below and Margo is pictured above. All photos are from Simon and Toni's Sacred Grove.   He begins, 'I am going to speak to rather than read from my submitted statement (Ref. IP-06). I am taking this approach in order to contextualise, to personalise, based on the off-grid life my wif