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Orchard Day, Dorich House, Kingston Vale

Lewis McNeil London Orchard Project    The rain subsided just in time for our enjoyable demonstration - performed by Lewis from the London Orchard Project - on how to maintain the orchard, at Kingston University's Dorich House at Kingston Vale. The original inhabitant - sculptor Dora Gordine - was keen on fruit, and the original apple and pear trees were reaching the end of their useful lifespan; although dead wood on healthy trees are a recognised asset for biodiversity, and is not cut out.  choosing a vertical limb The orchard was  restored and revitalised in 2011 by LOP. This included some supplementary planting of local heritage varieties such as Braddick's Nonpareil and Claygate Pearman, orginally grown by John Braddick of Thames Ditton late 1900's. Apple trees are flatter than the more upright pear trees and the wider angles take greater loads.  When trees are not pruned regularly they can revert to biennial bearing; with a lot of fruit one year and none th