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Sustainable Urban Drainage systems or SUDs: more specifically swales

 This post has been written to express disappointment that in the regeneration of the  Cambridge Road estate state that SuDs - specifically swales - are considered unsuitable: the consultants report Pg 9 para 5.8.3 'Given the ground conditions, the underlying clay sub-strata will have a low permeability rate; as such it is not considered that any filtration drainage is a viable option'.  and at  Table 6.11.7 'Filter strips and swales-due to the underlying geology these are not a viable strategy'. This runs contrary to the landscape plans that were displayed during the consultation as swales would be the major/only generator of insect food for birds and bats in compensation for the loss of mature trees. Broadly London is  London Clay. Though there will be areas of superficial deposits on top of this, which you can check for free here: At this site you can also look at borehole records - there might be some existing