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Tolworth Apple Store: Committe meeting to discuss the petition

Last Tuesday- at a full meeting of the council - a petition containing 518 signatures, which was gathered to determine a positive future for the Tolworth Apple Store, was formerly debated. The building was described with the assistance of photographs: The entrance is in Gothic style and it has an overhanging pagoda-type clay tile roof. T imber stairs lead to mezzanine floors used for storing crops. Tools would have been stored below. It is set within the vestiges of the former kitchen garden of Tolworth Hall, which burnt down in 1911.  The remains of the kitchen garden and wider estate are now a residential caravan park, owned by the council, but leased to a third party. The associated woodland is a Site of Nature Conservation Importance along with the Hogsmill river, which runs to the south of the site. It was from here that firefighters obtained their water when attempting to quell the flames at the manor house, which was not rebuilt until 1926 when it was named Riverhill Hou

Earthwatch Water Blitz

Nitrates 10 and Phosphates 0.5 The second Water Blitz of the year - coordinated by EarthWatch - was undertaken during 2.10.17, at locations along the Hogsmill river similar  to those of the May Blitz. Starting with Knights Park TQ18536872, the nitrate level was high - scoring 10 in the sample tubes from the kits that are issued to us. All sites went on to score 10 for nitrates unless otherwise stated. Hogsmill SW outfall   Just below the outfall at the Hogsmill Sewage Works TQ19156857, phosphate levels were the lowest of the survey at 0.1. Is this the result of phosphate stripping? The highest phosphate level was achieved at the Channel of Cess (CoC), the small stream entering the Hogsmill at TQ19866831. Sewage fungus   In addition to the highest (therefore the worst of the chemical readings) there was a strong odour, milky colouration, sewage fungus and fresh rag lined the channel. This type of chronic pollution can be  reported to the Environment Agency on 0800807060 and