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Seething Wells Wildlife Walk 25.11.11

lapwing 8 people, enjoying 12 sunny degrees, found 15 bird species during an hours stroll around the perimeter of the site. At this time of year we expect to see lapwings coming in to roost during the early evening (4pm). Unexpectedly, two birds were sitting on the dividing walls around lunchtime. In 1990-91, Surbiton and District Birdwatching Society undertook an annual survey of members local 'patches'within TQ16, the Winter Bird Count. Lapwings were present at 14% of sites which increased to 21% during the survey 1995-6. The population has decreased steadily so that they were present at only 6% of sites during the winter 2010-11. Flocks at Seething Wells can build up to 200 birds in winter. If you see a flock of birds skittishly flying over the Portsmouth Road at this location, check them out, don't assume they are starlings. heron Herons are  a characteristic species of the site and Sim remembered seeing a total of 14 on the Filter beds in former years. They

Wildlife Walks November 2011

Draining the Filter Beds 2011 Wildlife Walks 18th, 25th November at 11am and 3 December at 2pm These walks involve a perimeter tour and short  talk about the key habitats and species found on this site of nature conservation importance. Booking is essential as only small groups can be accommodated along the busy Portsmouth Road. Bring your binoculars but more importantly wear warm clothing. Allow around forty five minutes. Book at Alison Fure or via the website seething wells water: Surbiton's hidden heritage