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Green Lane Community Orchard News

  We intend to plant an orchard in Berrylands, where remnants of orchards can be seen in some of the large gardens that back onto Elmbridge Meadows (near Rose Walk). In former days this was  a stronghold for bullfinches, although sadly this beautiful bird is no longer present at many locations in the borough.   Link to the story so far Along with several community groups including schools; members of the newly formed Green Lane Community Orchard, attended the Orchard Project's 'Orchard Leaders' course earlier this  month at Finsbury Park. We visited an edible food forest in the south-east quadrant of the park where Lewis demonstrated annual growth, leaf and fruit buds as well as unusual trees such as medlar. Medlar   We tasted the leaves of salt bush and a Nepalese pepper as well as watching  many birds eating the seasonal berries including the yew arils;  Orchards are hot spots for biodiversity and have been shown to provide a refuge for over 1800 species. Particular

Panther cap in Kingston cemetery

Panther Cap (Amanita Pantherina) - good find for Kingston cemetery - as it is uncommon in Greater London. All species of Amanita are initially covered in what is known as a universal veil, this is tissue that covers the whole of the young fruitbody. As it emerges from the ground the mushroom breaks out leaving the veil at the base of the stem and as patches on the cap surface.I wonder who has been chomping on the cap as this is deadly poisonous!