Letter to the GLA team members for the Environment and Regeneration

The  letter below was despatched 18.6.21. We are  hoping that making this public might facilitate a response For the attention of: Stephanie Griffiths (Regen) Iqbal Ahmed (Environment) Sian Berry Zac Goldsmith Cambridge Road Estate (CRE) regeneration Cambridge Road, Kingston upon Thames 20/02942/FUL We are writing to express concern at matters disregarded at the above redevelopment (GLA’s response Planning File). We were pleased to see the GLA questioning the lack of SuDs proposed in the FRA. (Flood Risk Assessment). However, we are disappointed that the London Mayor’s own policies on Areas of Deficiency of Access to Open Space and Access to Nature have been ignored. The Mayor has committed to reducing the distance that people live from quality green space/Sites of Nature Conservation Importance - deemed as Areas of Deficiency- yet much of north Kingston is within an AoD (more than 1km from quality open space) refer to map appended. The Barton Wilmore Environmental St

Harlow Gardens - formerly Dairy Crest- and the Bat Low Impact Class Licence

In 2014, I was contacted by the police after residents complained that, despite a lot of bat activity at the former Dairy Crest site, demolition was taking place. The police investigated and surveys had indeed found that there were roosting bats on the site.  There is some discrepancy regarding the number of bats and the species recorded but this cannot be substantiated several years later. I do have the original Phase 1 habitat survey that demonstrated there was habitat, of  a sort, on the site. Bat surveys and a Bat Mitigation Method Statement- as part of a Bat licence submission -were submitted  to the planning file.  However, no appropriate bat mitigation and Net Gain measures for biodiversity were conditioned. This meant that none of it actually happened or if it did - then it is so inappropriately sited -under multiple sources of lighting and a total lack of any vegetation links, it will never be used. When the site was opened earlier this year for residents to move in, none of