Fishponds and the Green Spaces Strategy

There were several patches of standing water on the grass at the Fishponds, which gave each group of duck its own domain. It was quite a  'wetland experience' for us and them and pleasant not to see the residents confined to the marginal ponds.

Necessary management has reduced the amount of pendulous sedge, which has been choking the waterways. Ideally the site would benefit from a  group of conservators that could undertake these tasks on a more regular basis, especially in these days of  budget restrictions.

Pepper saxifrage December 

There are a number of rare plants in the meadow, some of which were in flower or were exhibiting unseasonally well developed leaves after the warm December. There is some uncertainty as to their provenance, as the meadow was sown during the 1980's and the pepper saxifrage (shown) doesn't quite conform to type, although it was great to see it peeping through the grass in so many places.

The Green Spaces Strategy consultation is currently taking place at a library or community building near you, so go along and have your say, or just meet the team who are working hard on service delivery.

For information additional Neighbourhood workshops are from 11th to 14th January, 2016 here:
Tuesday 12 January, 2.30pm to 4.00pm at Surbiton Library, Ewell Road, Surbiton KT6 6AG
Wednesday 13 January, 4.30pm to 6.00pm at Shiraz Mirza Hall, Manor Park, New Malden KT3 6AU
Thursday 14 January, 2.00pm to 3.00pm at The Hook Centre, Hook Road, Chessington KT9 1EJ


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