Bat Activity at Seething Wells 30.7.20

Five species of bat were recorded from positions along the Portsmouth road Filter Beds last night:
  • Noctules from 21.04
  • Soprano pipistrelle from 21.18
  • Common pipistrelle from 21.53 and
  • Daubenton's bat from 22.05

Nathusius' pipistrelle passes were recorded by a surveyor positioned at the north end of the site and are not included in the plot. The majority of the pipistrelle passes were recorded at the northern end.
The brown path indicates the movement of the surveyor and the bat symbols are automatically generated and georeferenced. That is: GIS or mapping software can 'place' the image in its appropriate real world location. So we can only detect bats that come within 20m of bat detection equipment and we cannot know what is happening in the areas closest to the river.

As it grew darker and sand and house martins were replaced by bats, we also saw 2 Jersey tiger moths nectaring on buddleja.


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