DEFRA and Natural England come to Tolworth Court Farm Moated Manor

 Elliot gives a team talk
On Friday team members from Natural England and DEFRA,  from  the south-east and London regions, descended on Tolworth Court Farm Moated Manor on an awayday; to assist us with the ongoing management of the site. Elliot gave a tool talk, prior to participants extending the dead hedge along the boundary with the Hogsmill footpath. Materials were procured from a local woodsman who delivered to us before the day began.


Hazel faggots  and stakes were unloaded and taken to an area under where the previous group - a Duke of Edingburgh award scheme- had finished. By the end of the day our compost toilet had a coat of protective paint and the hedge had increased substantially in length.

dead headge
Panisha and Robbie painting the compost loo
Participants were surprised at the amount of bird life present as we watched jays,  woodpeckers and kestrels; as well as a number of small birds such as goldfinches.
Many thanks to participants Panisha, Piotr, Andrew, Claire, Chloe, Corallie, Anna and the two Robbies!


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