News from Tolworth Court Farm Moated Manor

Clearance of arisings
Dead hedge
The Environment Trust has been undertaking habitat management at Tolworth Court Farm Moated Manor with a number of participants from two Challenge group events. 

They have cleared large amounts of debris left last year after the willows were pollarded. The initial clearance  was undertaken by the company employed by the electricity generator, to keep the area under the pylons clear of tall vegetation.

Some of the brush has been used to make a dead hedge (above right) that will create habitat as well as secure the site,  preventing access from the road.  

Dismantling the compost toilet
Reptile survey

Fingers crossed we will soon  have our own compost toilet. This has been donated from a site in Twickenham. It was  carefully dismantled last week and hopefully we will be able to put the pieces back together again!

A reptile survey has commenced with 30 x felt squares -1 x 50cm- placed at three transects around the site. A student has volunteered to check them on a regular basis; while undertaking a parallel project at the  University sports ground.


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