Hogsmill Sewage Works : dry outfall

May: no water leaving  the sewage outfall
 80% of the water in the Hogsmill above the site in the photographs - the Hogsmill Sewage Works outfall - is actually treated sewage effluent. The rate of discharge can be demonstrated on the left hand side. This is only the second time in twenty years I have ever seen a dry outfall. What are the consequences for the resident fish and invertebrates of a drying river channel ? (as per the May photograph). 

What are the knock-on effects for kingfishers, who depend  on feeding their young on a diet of small fish and invertebrates (small crustaceans etc). One guaranteed consequence is that pollution from the many misconnected drains along the water course will have a much greater impact on both water quality and river ecology.

More 'rag' apparent


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