The 'fat bit' of Chessington Wood

Dumped spoil or hoggin for a road?
felled and logged
Last year, I wrote a post on the southern portion of Chessington Wood, which is in public ownership. However 9 acres of the northern portion along with a 'paddock', formed  part of the Barwell Court Estate until the recent sell off. It has always been  impenetrable with heras fencing erected to ensure non-entry.

There is quite a substantial emphemeral pond, which is marked on the OS map, with a prostrate oak growing through it.

Planning permission (now lapsed) was granted in 2005 for the erection of 7 stables, hay barn and 40m x 20m sand-school.There are signs that the field leading to the road will soon have a road link to the A244 and trees are being felled and burned in the woodland (much like everywhere else in the greenbelt at the moment).


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