Autumn at Seething Wells

Common Pochard
Filter beds almost at capacity

Numbers of duck will be increasing  from now and all through the winter months. This week several species  were widely distributed and not just confined to three or four of the filter beds. My records show that December through to February can see the greatest numbers of tufted duck and actually achieved a total of 43 birds during the winter of 2013. Yesterday there were already twenty five birds.

This was followed by five Common Pochard, which is a fairly recent visitor and a personal record for this site.Too early for visiting lapwing, but as soon as the night temperatures start to fall, they will come into roost and will be seen at both extremes of the day. The site is characterised by its Dabchick (or little grebe) and it was a bit of a shock to see them in winter plumage after such prolonged sunny weather!


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