Restoration Days

Severed Railings
I am informed that agents acting for Hydro are among the readers of this blog. How jolly cordial. So what I was wondering is: how long was it  going to be, before any responsibility was taken for managing the site, as the critical mass of our citizens are duty bound to make sure our own land is in a good state of repair. Not just a state.

Presently, an impression is imparted, that the developers couldn't care less, which will be of great interest to the planning inspector at the forthcoming Inquiry, especially if he or she has to hire a machete to undertake a site visit. 

Buddleja wig on the small pumping station
Previous blogs have reported on our council's wisdom as to how bad it needs to be before enforcement action is taken. The dangerously severed railings above aren't sufficiently bad, so how about.....

Our be-buddleja'd 'Building of Townscape Merit'?

Ash pushing over the bundary wall

Nope. Ok, well how about the suckering sycamore silently shoving-over the  boundary wall .........hopefully not onto someones shoes or spaniel.Oh, you are so wrong again.

I know what will do it!!

The Mayors cycle race 4/8/13 Surely they won't allow the brambles to sprout over the pavement then! Perhaps while they are at it they could reinstate the management that protected the site including the litter picking, and twice annual cut to the chalk grassland, not much to ask. 


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