Lazy Lapwings

Lapwings face into the wind  
 There were 38 lapwings loafing at the Filter Beds today, so their winter numbers are building up. If you cannot find them here, they will be foraging amongst the paddocks in Home Park. Many more come into roost at night, but its doubtful we'll see the numbers of five years ago, as this bird is becoming increasingly rare.

Lapwing showing topknot

I used to lay in bed and hear the birds calling through the night, as small numbers used to breed at the nearby sewage works and California Road Depot. Now these sites have been developed, Surbiton F.B.'s  is the last remaining area in the borough where there is any refuge for these winter flocks.

How many birds can you see?

The recent rain is beginning to make a difference to the water levels in the Filter Beds. It is a year since they were first drained although the basins still held water until October, 2011, when machinery was used to remove the substrates and allow the water to drain freely. Its possible that these channels have again become blocked and hopefully the basins will fill allowing more of the birds to return.


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