Councillor's Views, Surbiton Neighbourhood Meeting 12. 12 .12

Summary of Points by Councillors who were unanimous in finding that the 'Special Circumstances' to develop MOL had not been met 

Cllr Shard 
I do not find the necessary ‘special circumstances’ required to build on Metropolitan Open Land 

Could not see how the bats would find a dark corridor to their foraging area across the site 

The report does not state that Natural England support the development or that they want it to happen 

This is a development where Hydro want to showcase their technology and to mitigate the loss of MOL it has come up with the nature reserve 

Cllr Heathcote 

I have not heard anything that overrides the primary importance of MOL 

We must retain as much open space in Surbiton as we can 

Hydro has not acted as a true guardian of this site either of its historic significance or its ecology 

How can they claim to be for the ecology when there is an overprovision of parking and an under-provision of cycle spaces. The cars will create extra light which will affect bats. 

Heatpumps will have a negative effect on water quality 

Ecological survey was undertaken after they drained the Filter Beds 

What kind of impact will there be on local residents and the environment of 6 lorries per hour between 7am -7pm 

Cllr Yoganathan 

stated that some of the emails he had received supporting the development looked as if they had been sent by the same person. He requested that the mass email campaign with the wrong postcodes be put aside 

expressed concern about the conflicting figures which would comprise the nature reserve and heritage areas: was it 50% or 26%? 

His additional points considered the traffic congestion along the Portsmouth Road and the light pollution 

Additional points made by Cllrs 

When did the Filter Beds change its name from Surbiton Filter Beds to the Sanctuary? 

Why haven’t the Filter Beds been re-flooded ?

‘I don’t think you have the sites best intentions at heart' 

In one of your letters you state that you would like the MOL designation to remain but this won’t happen with the current proposal
Nathusius' pip one of the rare bats of the FB's (J. Wedd London Bat Group)


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