Thursday, 19 April 2012

Seething Wells-one of London's Top 10 Peaceful Places

Gemma Seltzer spent a year exploring the most peaceful places in London for her online project, Look up at the Sky, charting the quieter side of the city. Here are her 10 favourites
This is what she says....

Barge Walk, Hampton Court
Following the curve of the river from Hampton Court Bridge to Kingston is a tree-lined stroll, with clusters of swans, vine-covered walls and rowers aplenty. Halfway along, the land lifts to reveal Seething Wells, the marvellously named former water treatment works with pipes wide-mouthed over the river. Anglers here pitch their tents in a close huddle, so you might have to squeeze around the group to carry on your journey. The route does get busy, particularly near the palace, but is worth it for the pockets of peace you'll encounter further along the way.

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