Sewage Spill Green Lane Recreation Ground 15.10.18


Thames Water have done it again. There has been a significant sewage spill covering a very large area of ground. The fence warns us 'danger electricity', but not of the sewage that has recently spewed all over the recreation ground-from the surcharged tunnel of cess -all the way from Worcester Park. This is in fact, a repeat performance of the public health and natural disaster of February, 2016.

A sog  of raw stinking sewage meanders through scrub creating grey rivulets in many places, especially  towards lower ground  leading to the river. Further along a secondary footpath to the woods, raw sewage remains pooled and ecoliferous.

Thames Water have set up a Heras fence cordon and attempted to clean up the site, albeit very poorly, with rag still littered around the public park.

This is clearly a large scale pollution event, affecting land right up to the river. Thames Water have a duty of care to warn the public of the danger;  particularly to prevent pets paddling in the unsavoury mess and then trampling on your duvet. Above all they have a legal-duty to self-report 'incidents' of this type to the Environment Agency.

What kind of business model is it that uses public open space to contain by-products created during the performance of a statutory duty; and then distribute the unadjusted profits - taking no consideration of the environmental toll - to private individuals.

Do they  have any idea that these dividends were obtained from despoiling our environment?

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