New Community Orchard at Green Lane Recreation Ground.

Earlier this year a group of us met with the council to discuss a site for a new community orchard. Of two sites - we have chosen one far removed from underground pipework - and offering some welcome shading to help conserve water - an important consideration for new trees in our changing climate.
In the summer,  we measured up the 180 square metre plot at Green Lane Recreation Ground.....

and this week we joined forces with Lewis, from the Orchard Project to choose our design with plenty of mouth-watering varieties including: cherry, plum, pear and apple; as well as some to the more traditional fruits medlar, mulberry and greengage. Fringed  by a border of white, red and blackcurrants and blackberries-how does that sound?

The next event will be an orchard training day in November where we hone pruning an grafting skills before a final planting date a month later.

Short video explanation of pollination and grafting 
Radio 4 Food programme on cider apples
This is an episode of the food programme Entitled The ‘C’ word this radio 4 programme is about cider apples and an amazing array of names and properties.

our choice so far:
'Merton Glory' cherry
'Pitmaston pineapple' apple
Black mulberry
'Tremlex bitter' cider apple
'Oulens' Greengage

Newton Wonder Apple -stays on the tree (I wonder why Elliot chose that)
Blackberries (no variety decided).

If you would like to join us for a celebratory planting day in December then you are welcome. 


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