Tolworth Area Plan Consultation Response

Build Higher

Build higher they said,
We need 1300 new homes a year.
But why Tolworth we asked?
Not on land that soaks up the water that keeps your feet dry. Why destroy more green verges to extend the misnamed Greenway?

Build car parks they said,
But not on Metropolitan protected areas,
But perversely the Mayor said ‘go ahead’.
Build road and rail they said,
With slip roads and spurs across the green belt,
We can access more housing land.

We said stop neglect!
Protect hedgerows planted before the Enclosure Acts
with it’s omelette of brown hairstreak eggs.
We already have a railway with its own ‘trip’ freight-
Slow worms glory on its embankment.
Don’t do this on ‘Our Place’ on the apple space.
Not on Richard Jefferies footprints,
Don’t destroy the edgelands.
by Alison Fure
Tolworth Apple Store


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