Hogsmill Sewage Works Nature Reserve

lagoon Surbiton sw
sand martin bank
 The first sand martins have reached sw London (recorded at the London Wetland Centre) so fingers crossed that they will find the sand martin bank at the nature reserve at the old Surbiton sewage works.

song thrush N. Reeve
The birds of the day were the song thrushes, singing at the sewage works as well as at Surbiton and Kingston cemeteries; with a lovely view of one of them heading into cypress trees.

This was topped by a view of the male stonechat, perching on relatively immature vegetation, probably attracted to the commotion caused by resident house sparrows congregating  at the recently filled feeders.

Also benefiting from the abundance at the feeding station were coal tits, green finches and robins, although chaffinches are conspicuous by their absence. (My old Ladybird book of birds, once stated that this was our commonest species).

With ten pochard, 2 shelduck, 2 gadwall, 2 dabchick as well as a host of other regulars on the lagoon the site is looking very good for this coming season.


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