Fungi at Kingston Cemetery Part 2

Golden spindles
Clavulinopsis fusiformis
Many of the species found in Kingston cemetery are typical of unimproved grassland and reflect a management regime sympathetic to both flora and fauna. Golden spindles have a pointed end not to be confused with blunt-ended grassland species known as clubs.

These horse mushrooms were enormous!

animal digging
fly on the cap

 Fungi provides animals with food and flies lay their eggs in the flesh which provide a source of food for bats and birds. Can you see the fly on the left.

yellow stainer

yellow wax cap

One of unimproved grassland species and the other is a confusion species of field mushroom and definitely not edible!

The orange peel fungus at the Dawson Road  entrance is even more spectacular than 2 weeks ago. Birds had left the remains of the poisonous yew seeds on one of the graves after consuming the red arils.

We are trying to compile a list for the Cemetery to raise the importance of fungi.See below for earlier species.


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