Seething Wells: Current Water Levels

Sign on slipway
Yesterday Thames Water lifted the hosepipe ban after unprecedented rainfall in our region. Despite the notice on the fence, it doesn't appear to have rained at Seething Wells since last October, when the Filter Beds were pumped out (the second  time in a year) to  'inspect  the structures'. Despite the rain, water levels have not increased an inch.

Excavation at the foot of the dip slope

These inspections, led to large piles of substrate being piled at the foot of each slope (many now vegetated)  and have served to keep the F.B.'s permanently drained, preventing the breeding of any little grebes this year. This will surely invalidate the 2012 bat surveys as the habitat will be sub-optimal and not support foraging Daubenton's bats who need uncluttered open water over which to trawl for insect prey.


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