Prizewinning Photo: Seething River Wall

Junk Forest
Remember the boat trip we took (December, 2011) along the river wall at Seething? Well, this is one of the photo's taken entitled 'Junk Forest' and it was judged runner-up in a recent wildlife photography competition at the Ecology and Conservation Studies Society (ECSS) based at Birkbeck, University of London
see:  In the submission it was described  as  providing important niches for urban wildlife and the only dark stretch of the Thames in Greater London, see earlier post on Urban Ecology. Marigold and rose petals were floating around these boats and our boat, at a Hindu scattering of ashes, which took place simultaneously and made this photo extra powerful. You can see the petals if you look closely. 

This collection of 'Junk' on the commercial moorings at Seething contains protected niches for every coot, moorhen or other animal requiring shelter, far more secure than any bird or bat box could ever be. Even in December we could see nest remains from the previous year as well as imagine the importance for sheltering insects and fish.

The value of this area for wildlife was not recognised in the Environmental Statement.Under the new Hydro proposals it will become sanitised pontoons with large lighting bollards for several new moorings. 


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