Seething Wells Walks 3.12.11

Harwich shells exposed during recent rains

  1. 8 participants turned out for our December walk in 10 degrees of winter sunshine. The rain had removed the silt from the substrates exposing the Harwich shells  used in the filtration process. Our research group found that these shells were instrumental in locking together to prevent the mixing of the coarse grit and fine sands.

 The  fallen leaves exposed the great balls of mistletoe within the trees at Home Park (on the opposite side of the river).
A crafty fox was seen creeping along the back wall in his lovely winter coat.
16 bird species were observed, including the little grebes, gadwall duck, grey wagtails and 2 passage green sandpipers (photographed below by one of our participants Susanna Ramsey). There was no sign of the lapwing coming into roost as it probably needs to be much colder before they begin to form their winter flocks
2 green sandpipers Photo S. Ramsey


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