Fruit Store

Kingston was once covered in orchards and this is reflected in the road names especially around Hook/Chessington. There is even a Kingston heritage apple Kingston heritage apple and an Apple Store that has fallen into disrepair.

Orchards have many benefits for wildlife and increasing this habitat in community spaces would help animals such as hedgehogs, as well as birds, insects etc. free fruit tree(s) are available for your community space for next winter 24-25? If you would like a tree (s) please submit the following:

- the landowners permission (must be in Kingston borough)

- a fruit tree request by the end of the July 2024 if possible 

- anything else you need (tools, assistance, tree cages)

- a watering plan

Orchard requests will be considered from Friends Groups

In addition, volunteers are sought to look after an existing orchard in need of TLC as well as help establishing new orchards.


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