Wild City by Florence Wilkinson


This week saw the eagerly awaited publication of Wild City, by Florence Wilkinson. This issued a manifesto for promoting greater awareness of the needs of urban wildlife; focused on some unusual urban species and gave voice to some interesting wildlife campaigns.

Florence came to the Cambridge Road Estate during September 2020 and listened to bats using bat detection equipment,  foraging around the dark 'twittens', or alleyways. She has produced a very faithful account of that evening and what we saw and heard pg 74-84 including a mention of  the Nathusius' pipistrelle that is one of three pipistrelle species regularly recorded on the estate.

On page 225-233 she continues 'underground', on the slow worms at Kingsmeadow. Its a lovely book with several London entries including: the hedgehogs at Regents Park, London's green roof guru, and the Culex molestus (you will have to make a purchase in order to ascertain what one is)!


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