Case Number 901603

I like leaves
they are fun to scrunch through
the dryad's material
connection to the natural or even spiritual.
But there are times
when abandoned leaves left lying in an alleyway
can be a symbol of neglect;
a dereliction of duty; a slippery prospect.
So several weeks after the leaves had lost their crunch,
I rang the administration, seeking their removal, and
I was given a case number.

A stagnant two weeks are
often known to occur, before a valiant spring to action
whereby, there might be a simple increase
or even gross multiplication, in the expected degree
of a certain type of lurking debris.
Alleyways, paths and Radburn lines,
three dining chairs and a bubbling contraceptive,
a flat-tyred wheelbarrow, unidentified solids and some cat litter fungi.
I rang the administration and received a case number,
to chase last weeks one, ending in 603.

So the case in hand
now refers to a grand number of items from:
dog poopy bags, a stomach upset, 3 pizza cartons and a dead Christmas tree.
I rang the administration and they confided in me
a case number to chase my existing three.
Leaves, leaves, leaves
case number, case number, case number.
Just in case you are still on this case,
the number of case numbers, is in danger of outnumbering
The original number of leaves.


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