Cambridge Road Estate KT1 3JB

filming the Capture TV series
 CRE is an air-cleaning, nutrient-recycling, housing estate of 230 trees planted on the top of former 1960’s hubs such as: The Feathers public house, a church and an ice-cream parlour……
These lost conversations  found voice, in a new row of 1970’s shops, heralded by a giant printing press, next to a hairdresser, a mini-mart and newsagent (where the latest heart attack and domestic disputes were hot topics).

Appearances on dramas such as ‘The Bill’ and currently ‘The Capture’ are not exactly reputation enhancing, but ‘crime- ridden’ is unjust, as neighbouring wards top the statistics x a factor of 4 for most crimes except anti-social behaviour. Politicians suffer amnesia from sentiments in the Addison Housing Act, playing down positive actions, such as hard working, community spirit, beautiful gardens and not least.....

a 100 feather bundles which ‘sparrow’ along the roofline, popping in and out of dropped tiles, sweeping dusty gutters. Pale-eyed jackdaws ‘caw and daw’ around the peaks of tower blocks where thier secret-lives are conducted.

Giant Chusen palm

By night, bats enter ten 'twittens' or urban alleyways that run north-south and east-west. A gridded larder of insects: attracted to lime flowers; horse chestnut candles; apple and cherry blossom; or the flower-filled turf of bird’s foot trefoil and vervain.

The Autumn’s festival feast is enjoyed by squirrels and winter thrushes; a wassail conducted on acorns, conkers, crab apples and pyracantha berries. It is peaceful: no extraneous intrusions, just a cultural blend of loquats, chusen palms, olives with silver maples and copper beeches (excepting an occasional siren). Breaking these networks diminishes us all.


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