Green Lane Sewage Spill 24.9.19

                                                       Nitrate top score

Last weekend was the annual Waterblitz co-ordinated by the Earthwatch Institute's Freshwater watch. Volunteers head out with testing kits over the same long weekend so that all the data points are comparable to the next.The data goes to a central database so that researchers can identify areas for further investigation. Nitrates and Phosphates are tested at 5 sample sites and I usually choose the same ones. The confluence of the Bonesgate and the Hogsmill has had phosphate levels and the two sites below the Hogsmill Sewage works always has high nitrate readings.

Sample site three is just above  confluence of the Tolworth Brook with the Hogsmill near Green Lane recreation ground. Less than 24 hours after taking samples a sewage spill occurred at the Green Lane Recreation ground at the site where it was suggested we should have a community orchard. It is almost  a year since the last event 15.10.18 that led to a closure of the open space for a month and here 10.4.16

In addition, the perched ditch perpendicular to the Hogsmill at California road, has also seen a sewage surcharge weir over the bank (raw sewage above).This is where we can expect further incidents as there is a plan to build 300 homes at the former Homebase site

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