The view from Tolworth

Thanks to the Environment Trust using CO-op funding, the broken down fence around Tolworth Court Farm Moated Manor (TCFMM) site was repaired yesterday, including a completely new section.

The poor state of the fence has meant that litter from the road could blow into sensitive areas, such as the pond, which is scheduled for a face lift in the new year. As well as  human ingress - gaps in the fence- have allowed deer egress,  sadly resulting in a recent vehicle collision.

Seclusion ensures that  shyer wildlife species are more likely to be  found at TCFMM than on the main Tolworth Court Farm Fields. Yesterday there were three crows mobbing a buzzard around the perimeter of the field as well as redwings and fieldfares along the old Kingston Road.

The large intact area of  hedgerows and  field system on the opposite side of the A240, lead to the main farm being a hotspot for brown hairstreak - only recorded in this borough, slightly further along the Bonesgate corridor at Castle Hill LNR in Chessington 

apple store
To the east the view is not so rosy with the Tolworth apple store beginning to look very dilapidated. I have written to the council to ask if any measures will be taken before next June's growth committee to effect repairs to the building.The committe report will be available from next Tuesday on this link


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