Green Lane Stream, tributary of the Hogsmill

source of the stream
This is the spring of one of the Hogsmill tributaries aka Green Lanes stream. It rises near West Hill in Epsom on the southern tip of Court Park. Despite some initial gurgling - no water was apparent throughout the park.

Court Park
Longmead Road
The route is along a stand of spectacular oak trees, many >300 years old. Great spotted woodpeckers were enjoying the grubs activated by the warmth of the winter sun. The stream is again lost along Pound Lane and the Primary School until it reaches Longmead Road where it emerges via several outfalls, a mixture of stormwater, road run-off and some misconnected pipework.

A strong ammonia odour becomes apparent once reaching the Thames Water storm tanks opposite Blenheim School, where the pong penetrates the winter air for the remainder of the  Longmead Road stretch. The rag-coated grillage attests to  recent sewage overflow  into the stream- despite the low rainfall- and is indicative of the lack of capacity in the system. 

After crossing the Chessington Road B220 - Green Lanes stream -although full of plastic bottles- is more pleasant and two little egrets were spotted in the channel (four if counting their reflections). The stream finally joins the Hogsmill at Chambermead meadow, and Hogsmill open space.



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