Portsmouth Road Improvements and the Filter Beds at Seething Wells

One unforseen benefit of the Go-Cycle and Portsmouth Road 'Improvements' is that walking alongside the Filter Beds is a more pleasant experience now that the site is slightly divorced from the roar of the traffic.The trees on the site are maturing becoming recognisable specimens of ash, oak and willows.

forty tufted ducks
Whilst this has resulted in the loss of chalk grassland, it also creates a structural habitat screening the air, noise and light pollution from the filter beds, making it even more dark and undisturbed. This summer the water levels are almost back to the brim; there have been more tufted ducks during the period of moult than ever before, although it is hard to count them amongst the dabchick bobbing around them like corks. The last of the house martins could be seen fly-catching today, along with small aerial flocks of starlings in the afternoon heat.

cormorant drying its wings
Although electro-fishing surveys found  no significant fish populations in 2010 - they have found a means of colonising - as they can be seen jumping almost clear of the water when chased by the cormorants.

Altogether the site is currently more reedier, more duckier and certainly more appleier!


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