Hedgehog Footprint Traps

Juvenile hedghog garden, 2014
I haven't found any hedgehogs in my garden this year using the usual methods (listening at night, camera traps, looking for scats) so I have made some footprint traps similar to the ones we used last year at Home Park. Hedgehog footprint traps are very easy to make from A1 sheets of Correx board and if you share a batch of 5 boards with someone they are very cheap.
Required: A1 sheets of black Poster or Correx board
3 cable ties per footprint trap
  • A4 paper
  • Spongetex 
  • Small dish/pot lid
  • Poster paint
  • Dog or catfood
Fold the board into three even sized panels. Pierce 3 holes either side (long side)
In the middle segment secure half a spongetex either side of an
 A4 sheet of paper.

Fold into three
  • Cut Spongetex or J-cloth into two and secure in place;
  • Squeeze paint onto spongetex
  • Secure cable ties;
  • Place food in small jam pot lid in centre; and
  • Locate along hedgerow where there may be a faint animal run

Note: green paint on spongetex

Hedgehog Cox Lane

The footprints are easy to match with those on websites eg the Mammal Society.
Let me know if you see a hedgehog or capture their footprints.
I saw one crossing Villiers Avenue at 22.50 this week, so they are still local.


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