Tolworth Court Farm

There's a new site setting us on fire at the moment and that is TCF, Local Nature Reserve. The leader of the council has announced plans to turn this into a Country Park and he told a large audience what this might entail last night at the Kingston Biodiversity Network meeting at C-Scaipe Kingston University.
So the burning questions last night were:
  • What is a Country Park ?
  • Would this give the site greater protection?
  • Is this a Biodiversity Offset for the Tesco's development?
  • Why focus on something that works when there are areas of deficiency in the borough.* an area of deficiency is defined by the GLA as to not have access to a Borough Grade 1 Site within 1 km of your home (not an area devoid of fish).

The plan seems to be to:
  1. Remove some of the bunds;
  2. Use an offsite building owned by the council (previously a Bowls Pavilion) as an Educational Centre for school children; 
  3. The archaeology of the site should be interpreted; and that 
  4. More should be made of the area. 

Doesn't sound too controversial at the moment but that could be because there is no detail. Country Parks tend to be golf courses,  livery and other money making pursuits, with a footpath through them.

At the conclusion of the evening a decision was made to organise a walk for November 2nd further details from myself. Don't forget that the Green Spaces Strategy Consultation is ongoing, with an open meeting at the council offices between 5-21 in the Queen Anne Suite at the Guildhall  14.10.14. There is also an on-line consultation document where you can make your views known.

For more background on the site  see the side pages under Bonesgate Stream and Tolworth Court Farm.


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