Appeal Dismissed

Well, the right decision was issued today and this is what they said...
Feb, 2014

 see here for the Surrey Comet article

The Inspector wrote: "The benefits that would be delivered by the proposal are considerable, however they must be weighed against the substantial harm to the metropolitan open land and character and appearance of the area.

Whilst the proposal would not harm the setting of the listed buildings in the locality, I attach significant weight to the harm to the character and appearance of the surrounding area."

Kingston Council leader Liz Green said: "I'm delighted that the council decision has been upheld. "We can now, working with the Friends of Seething Wells, work on the plan of what should happen to the site. I’m really pleased the Planning Inspectorate has listened to the arguments put forth.
I think that’s absolutely the right decision."

The full 24 page decision can be seen here Inspectors decision

See also the Friends of Seething Wells

So there!!


  1. Great news. A decision that should have been made months ago.

  2. Thanks Bill, it really is great news!


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