Seething Security part deux

Talcum pommes Kay Galbraith
In the continuing saga regarding the security measures at Seething Wells, I  have had a number of approaches from members of the public, wondering why the site has recently become so precious that it warrants 24 hour security.

A web search reveals that it could be due to the remnant stocks of talcum powder, which used to be mined at the site. There are a number of references to the white stone of Seething that lay ‘undere the surface of the soil’ by the banks of the River Thames see Talcum Powder mine at Seething Wells

However others have sent in photos of  commodities upon the land, which may be in serious need of scrumping prevention, such as the large numbers of apples

Security Inspector, Kay Galbraith
Is this  over zealous security inspector suspicious that his car may not be all that it seems, or could he be listening to Leifi through the medium of Fiat.

A prize will be awarded by the year end to the most interesting photo submitted, or any info leading to  'what it is that has been lost'.


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