Appeal announced

Last weeks Surrey Comet reported  that Hydro Properties will be announcing its appeal within the next few days.The company has hired top planning and environmental barrister Martin Kingston to fight its case.

On his company website No 5 Chambers, it states Mr Kingston is "top of the tree," "a first port of call for the most complex and high profile cases" and his "advocacy skills prove devastating for the opposition".

FoSW has responded as follows:

'We've been really excited at the opportunity Hydro's failure opens up for working with a community that has come together behind a shared cause, keen to contribute to the development of a far more fitting future for this historically and ecologically vivid site'.

We'll be bringing everyone up to date with our plans at a public meeting on 17th May, St Andrew's and St Mark's School, Maple Road. As we've always said, we're keen to gather residents ideas and hopes to make sure we build a shared vision for a more fitting use of this tremendous ecological and heritage asset.


  1. It's amazing, and at the same time ridiculous, the extent to which these high profile bullying companies will go to to get their own way. Don't even get me started on those propaganda leaflets they sent around the local area.

    Must say I find it quite funny how the computer generated animation on the home page of their website, depicting their 'plans' for the filter beds, shows a flock of three Harlequin Duck flying in the foreground. They clearly have high expectations if they hope to attract an Arctic Tundra breeder with fewer than twenty recorded instances in the whole of Britain.

    ... Just shows how much research they have done into the ecological side of things.


  2. Hi Bill, Thanks for your comments. As the developers monitor this site regularly, it is likely that they will now be beware of their hilarious error. When they change the photo to a species that didn't go extinct after the last ice age, just make sure you charge them for your consultancy!



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