Seething Wells Planning Application

The Filter Bed site at Seething Wells is facing a monster planning application Hydro Properties Planning Application. This is far more damaging than the Thames Water 2002 application, which sought only to develop the Wharf site, whilst leaving most of the heritage and wildlife areas  intact (and unaffected by water pollution, disturbance, lighting). Our council specnt £20,000 of our money at the Public Inquiry trying to defend its decision to reject the proposals.
This is probably the best site in the borough for 'specialized' wildlife communities, because of the lack of disturbance. It is also an important heritage site. The main features include:
The Industrial archaeology;
Standing Water habitat (a UK, Regional and local Biodiversity Priority Habitat);
Roost sites of European Protected Species;
Birds on the Red List of Conservation Concern;
5% of Surrey's Little Grebe breeding population;
Invertebrates of National, Regional and Local Importance;
Chalk grassland plants rare in our borough.

Do you know of any sites in the borough which can claim the above? If you do then please make your comments below.If you cannot find the information you require then please let me know and I will  send you additional information. Important heritage Information can be obtained at


  1. Great site Alison. People should write in to object by Monday 14th Nov.Please write:
    Roy Thompson Director of Place and Regeneration Development Management Services
    Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
    Guildhall 2
    Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT1 1EU quoting reference 11/16502/FUL Surbiton Filter Beds by Monday 14th November 2011.

    or email including your address to quoting reference 11/16502/FUL Surbiton Filter Beds by Monday 14th November 2011.


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