Peoples walk for Wildlife: Seething contingent

Only a week to go before the People's Walk for Wildlife 22.9.18 led by Chris Packham

A Seething contigent will be joining-under our beautiful banner depicting the batty barge tunnel  - at Seething Wells - for those animals, birds, bats, fairies, trifids who want to join us.

Leaving on the train from Norbiton at 11.20 we can meet anywhere en route or under the clock at Waterloo at Noon. Let me know if you are coming so we can wait for you.

Then to Hyde Park Corner where we will find somewhere to park ourselves; some of you will want to see the Infotainment stalls and others will be happy to eat your sandwiches and drink weak tea, while sitting on your folding chairs waiting for the march to reach us.

The March starts at 1pm Reformers Tree and passes via Hyde Park Corner, to Picadilly and then to Whitehall finishing at 2pm.

You don't have to dress up, and just so you know its not just me telling people to dress up  you can
 Read more here  I have animal and bird masks I can bring for you if you don't want to feel completely and utterly left out.


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