Fracking: coming to a site near you ......soon

Nottinghamshire County Council has granted planning permission to two separate applications to drill exploratory shale gas wells. One site will be located off the A634 between Barnby Moor and Blyth.

This approval follows the completion of a legal agreement, required as part of the decision of the council’s planning and licensing committee on 21 March this year, to approve an application by Dart Energy Ltd to drill the exploratory wells at the site in Bassetlaw.

The Section 106 legal agreement includes several requirements, including payment of a bond that would be used to restore the site in the event that Dart Energy is unable to fulfil restoration requirements in the planning permission.

The second site is on land off Spring Road, Misson, in Bassetlaw regarding Island Gas Ltd’s application to drill exploratory wells. The Section 106 legal requirements include a designated route for all vehicles visiting and leaving the site, establishing a community liaison committee and the monitoring of water levels.

Think it can't happen here?  See below
Parts of New Malden and Worcester Park sit inside an area where a US company could carry out fossil fuel explorations.

Alamo Energy has held a licence since 2010 to explore potential fuel sources in and around the Weald basin, according to Greenpeace. The licence allows exploration of shale fuel reserves – which could be extracted by the fracking process.


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